Getting back on the saddle

I haven’t written in awhile as I have been super busy, had several injuries and I have stalled on my weight loss.  But the whole point of this journey is to finish it.  So I am climbing back and time to finish this ride.

I have re committed to eating right and sending pictures of my food to my trainer.  I will be working out 5 days a week.  My goal is to get under 299 by June


100 pounds loss!!! I did it!!!


Here is my first day working out with MK and Nicky in September 2013 and Now November 2014.  I truly believe inches lost


Again, Sept. 2013 and Nov. 2014.  I am not sure If I still have that purple shirt, but the blue one is the same size.  Mostly I notice that I now have Hammer Time pants!!

Wow, I can’t believe I finally did it! I have officially lost 100 lbs from my highest weight. Yay!  Insert happy dance here!  I have been trying so hard to reach this goal.  I wanted it so much and fought through the ups and downs to achieve it.  My highest weight was 420 and I am now 319.  At one point I couldn’t even fit into a 3 or 4x at a department store.  I now can shop at regular department stores plus size section And I am in a 2x top and a 24\26 pants.  Major difference from a 5x at Catherine’s and a 38 plus pant (I think at one point I was a 44…but not sure as I didn’t look for it was to depressing).

So much has happened in the last 6 months (ya I know I suck at posting).  I am still doing Crossfit and loving it.  I now workout 6 plus days a week with a mixture of Wreck City (MKristo and Nicky’s gym) and Crossfit Devotion in Covington.  I have worked out with MK for so long it was an adjustment to not be with him 4 days a week.  He had started training at Crossfit Devotion right before our normal time and he felt like I was ready to move to a class session.  I still train with him 2 days at Devotion so he is stuck with me 🙂   I train with Nicky on Friday’s here we work on form and PR’s (personal records) and she is my accountability.  I weigh in, take pictures and measurements to keep on track.  If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t stick to the plan as well.  I have learned  I am one of those people who need to be held accountable, to have checks and balances and thrive on competition\challenges.  1512721_10101102800351323_369633668_n

I can not express my gratefulness towards these 2 friends\trainers, I would not be where I am today without them.  It brings tears to my eyes knowing they were there for me,  supporting me, cheering me on, pushing me to my limits and just telling me I can do it when I thought I couldn’t.  I love you guys so much. Thank you!!

Thank you to Crossfit Devotion for being so welcoming! I was so nervous to start in a group setting as I hate coming in last.  But I have to say, when your last…everyone who has finished…starts cheering you on.  So you push harder to finish.  Today when MK shouted I reached my 100 everyone burst out in cheers! I walked away in tears of appreciation! Thank you Crossfit family, you are all so amazing and the coaches are top notch!

Last Thank you goes to all my friends and family (FB friends too:))  You have cheered me on, checked on me when I haven’t posted my status on my weight, gave such sweet and supportive comments.  I truly appreciate it so much! And a special shout out to my partner in work out crime-Christie Nelson, you challenge me and encourage me to never give up!  I so appreciate you!

My next goal is to get under 300! So 299 here I come!

I still have at least another 100 + to go.  So here is to another next year of success!  Now….What to do to celebrate???!!!

Girls fun day!

Have you ever worked so hard that you thought you were going to die?  Yeah, that was me at the “Girls Workout”. It was a partner WOD (Workout of the Day) and I scored an awesome partner, Krissy.  🙂  The WOD was:

1 bench press at 95 pounds

1 deadlift at 145 pounds

1 squat clean at 75 pounds

Now that may not seem like a lot but here is the catch:  you had to do 20 rounds of it, increasing by one each time. So the first round is 1-1-1 the second round is 2-2-2, going all the way to 20-20-20.  It was hard and at some points we didn’t think we could go any further, but we pushed each other (and did some dance breaks!!)  Awesome partner!! Thanks girl!


Biggest Loser!

So 10 weeks ago I joined the Maple Valley Biggest Loser with an amazing team. It was a strong team that went all in on every challenge. It was a great motivation for me to not give up or be lazy.  I had to complete everything as I didn’t want to be the one who let the team down.  These girls were so motivating!  We had a page set up on FB so we can encourage each other, give ideas, and remind each other to post results.  Christie was a great team leader who was always checking in on us and getting our stats (we had our own personal math genius in her!).  She knew exactly what we all needed if we wanted to win and encouraged us to keep it up.  Thanks Christie!  

Now this isn’t the first time I have done the Biggest Loser, this is actually my 3rd go around in 3 years.  When I first moved to the area, all the ladies were doing it and were getting great results.  So I thought I would try..but I ended up just bringing my team down.  Come to find out our team won even though I gained 7 pounds (ya who does that in a competition…I did!)  Basically it was Nils and Ken who carried our whole team and won it for us.  But I had a great excuse on why I gained that time…I was pregnant!  But I didn’t know I was until 2 weeks after the competition.  

The second time around…I had a great team…but I just didn’t know how to lose the weight.  I tried but just didn’t lose enough and I was still on newborn baby phase.  So as you can see, I was a bit nervous on being on this power house team when I wasn’t so successful the first 2 times.  But I had already changed a lot in my life, work out and health wise.  MKristo and Nicki had said I can work out extra with them to help me be successful in this competition.  They pushed me even harder! It was in these last 10 weeks that I started to run, do full squats (you know….dropping like it’s HOT!) burpees, and hitting 50 unbroken single jump ropes!  Not only that but PR’d twice in my 250 meter row (51.3 seconds).  Thank you to the BEST trainers at Wreck city who help me be successful!  As MKristo would say…GAINS!!

So I am happy to report that the 3rd time is a Charm!! We won!! Go team PINK!!  But not only did we win for the team…we swept the whole thing!  (I kindof feel guilty for bragging…but heh, it was hard work so I shall continue the victory dance!)  I won for over all pounds 30.4! woot woot!!

Here is the results: 


  • Biggest Percentage Winner………CHRISTIE NELSON on the PINK TEAM!!!! With a percentage loss of 17.01%!!!   Prize of $200
  • Biggest Pounds Winner……….CHRISTINA MELDRUM on the PINK TEAM!!!! With a loss of 30.4 lbs!!!!! Prize of $200
  • Biggest Loser Team Champions……..PINK TEAM!!! With 312 pts   Prize of $400 for the team!

Top 3 % Winners!

  • Christie N            Pink Team           17.01%
  • Camille                 Pink Team           16.34%
  • Mary                     Black Team         10.12%

Top 3 Lbs Winners!

  • Christina M.        Pink Team           30.4 lbs
  • Camille                 Pink Team           30 lbs
  • Christie N.           Pink Team           24.6 lbs

Final Team Pts

  • Pink                      319
  • Yellow                249
  • Black                  226
  • Purple               218
  • Blue                   187
  • Orange              155
  • Red                   141
  • Green               79

Camille kept me on my toes! It was so close on the over all pounds between her and I.  Thank you Camille!!  I just love you to pieces!


After our final weigh in.  Left to right…Riannon, Me, Christie, and Camille.  Love you girls!!


Elevation Mask


Doing a whole work out with an elevation mask on is super hard.  An elevation mask “Essentially it simulates high altitude. Conditions the lungs and lung capacity. This will make your breathing pattern more efficient and increase your anaerobic threshold.” Mkristo explained to me.  The way I understand it is through swimming (I was on and off a swim team through out my whole school career).  

Competitive swimmers during practice will wear multiple swimming suits.  By doing so it helps restrict the water making it harder to swim, you have to take each stroke with more power.  During competitions they will wear 1 swim suit,  they will have  less restriction then they are used to.   Now they are able to take each stroke faster.

With the mask on it will help my endurance so I can work out harder.

7 Month check in! I see change!

Wow, I can’t believe I have been working at this weight loss thing for 7 months now.  There is a point in time when you say, “I am tired”.  That is how I have been feeling lately.  When it comes to this point you need to pause and take a breath and look at what you have accomplished.  I have recently posted some achievements that I have noticed, like wearing my wedding ring, but nothing says weight loss has been achieved like a picture.  So when MKristo (my trainer) sent me this picture of my first day next to my 7 month, let’s just say it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Image

I have started to see some changes!  When I looked in the mirror I  was getting  so bummed out because I can’t see the inches disappearing but when I see this picture there is no denying that I have lost 70+ pounds!  It’s like that quote from Will Smith…



So Yes, I plan on losing weight, but I am not planning on getting skinny instantly right now.  I need to have a plan in place, hard work and dedication must be a factor.  By doing this I can lose 1 pound at a time or build my wall…brick by brick.

It’s a great reminder to me to not give up, that I may not see the changes with my own eyes every day, but over time it will accumulate into a significant amount!

Retraining my brain for the new norm–Month 5

Wow, was this last month hard!  I barely made my weight loss goal, just by the skin of my teeth .  A lot had to do with the fact I was so sick.  I had every sickness you can imagine a person can get back to back.  It started the day before Thanksgiving with just feeling drained by Christmas it turned into Bronchitis and by the beginning of January pneumonia!1529314_10151900855219151_2073678546_o But I still worked out, and only took maybe 3 days off the whole time.  Breathing was definitely the hardest thing to keep going while working out.  Then I hacked up bunch of crud.  I felt so bad for MK and Nicky that I brought this ickyness into their home.  I tried to sanitize when I could, but eventually they got it too.  😦 Sorry guys…

Here is a little snippet of a video of my workouts.  Just click post

Also just having the strength to make the meals I needed to eat healthy was so tiring for me.    So I have to admit, this month was a challenge…I didn’t make the greatest food choices, for the most part I ate really well.  But those few days add up and it was so hard to lose my 10 lbs this month.  Finally it was suggested that I try Advocare 10 day challenge.

1535494_10151936474919151_1012366293_n (1)


Man this was a life saver! I manage to make my 10 lb goal and get back on track, thank goodness.  The biggest thing I learned was to never give up and if I slip up to not continue to go crazy.  So many of us will have a girl scout cookie and think, “well crap, I just screwed my diet so I guess I will have another.  Maybe I will just have this whole box of thin mints!”   We all screw up at times but really I don’t want to think of it as a screw up…more of a cave in.  It really is a mind over matter when it comes to food.  When we are fat we are used to eating larger portion sizes.  Just in the last 5 months my stomach has shrank and I no longer eat as much as I used too.  But when I cave in and eat something not on my healthy meal plan I have noticed I go back to my normal size portions.  It’s like my brain is telling me, ” this is normal, just eat it”.  I did once and my stomach hurt so bad and I felt crappy all day long.  So the next time I told myself smaller portions but after wards I felt deprived, like I cheated myself a yummy treat.  It’s all about retraining your brain to realize the smaller portion size is the norm and nothing is being lost (except the fat!).   It’s ok to have a meal or a treat as long as it’s accounted for.

Weight 358